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00:00:00.399 before I show you guys how you can make
00:00:02.520 some money with AI I want to show you
00:00:05.120 guys my results so the first AI platform
00:00:08.400 is this one and so far I have made
00:00:12.120 $5,400 this month and I have around 8
00:00:15.639 days left so I expect to earn around
00:00:18.359 $6,000 from this platform the second
00:00:21.400 platform so far um made me today
00:00:25.840 $319 yesterday it was a little bit
00:00:28.400 slower day but
00:00:30.720 $112 and last 7 days I made
00:00:35.320 $79 if we look at last 30 days I have
00:00:38.760 made 5,000 uh sorry
00:00:42.079 $4,500 and third platform is for some
00:00:45.079 reason lagging but I’m going to refresh
00:00:47.199 the page few times to see if it works
00:00:50.000 and finally you can see it works so uh
00:00:53.440 so far from this platform I made $1
00:00:56.160 16,18
00:01:00.120 and I want you guys to imagine what
00:01:02.120 would you do with this money uh and how
00:01:04.879 it would change your life in lesson
00:01:07.159 number one I’m going to make a small
00:01:09.200 introduction on what is AI how to use AI
00:01:12.640 tools and of course a different approach
00:01:15.520 that we are going to use to make money
00:01:18.000 with AI now the trending topic right now
00:01:21.200 is artificial intelligence and people
00:01:24.439 are not focusing on the right things so
00:01:27.119 I’m going to show you guys the untapped
00:01:29.640 uh methods that you can use to make
00:01:31.720 money with AI without any basically
00:01:34.840 competition so make sure to watch this
00:01:37.240 course till the end so in our lesson
00:01:40.280 number one let’s talk about of first of
00:01:42.680 all what is ai ai or artificial
00:01:46.040 intelligence is the simulation of human
00:01:48.920 intelligence uh processed by machines
00:01:52.119 especially computer systems so what does
00:01:55.560 this mean you can give tasks to any AI
00:01:59.320 tool and it is going to uh finish the
00:02:02.719 job like a human I’m going to explain
00:02:05.439 you guys what this means so we’re going
00:02:07.399 to jump in on chat GPT and it is 100%
00:02:11.280 free right now you don’t even need to
00:02:13.400 log in like before and there differences
00:02:16.560 that you’re going to use for free this
00:02:18.879 chat GPT 3.5 but if you want to use chat
00:02:22.640 chat GPT 4 you need to actually pay for
00:02:25.879 this but I don’t recommend you guys to
00:02:27.959 pay because for our jobs we don’t
00:02:30.480 actually need Chad GPT 4 it is going to
00:02:34.319 we’re going to get everything we need
00:02:36.599 with Chad GPT 3.5 now how Chad GPT works
00:02:41.159 is you give tasks or prompts right here
00:02:44.360 in the message of Chad GPT now you can
00:02:47.440 for example see some of the prompts like
00:02:49.800 suggest fun activities or create CH
00:02:54.040 Charter or plan a trip or something like
00:02:56.560 that but what are we going to do we’re
00:02:58.680 going to create some something very
00:03:00.440 weird that would be a little bit hard
00:03:03.120 for humans so we’re going to say let’s
00:03:04.959 say make a
00:03:07.720 poem uh for let’s say love
00:03:11.280 poem going to say love poem using
00:03:15.640 computer
00:03:17.879 language and right here you can see this
00:03:20.360 is a prompt we can press enter or Des
00:03:23.360 send message right now and we’re going
00:03:25.360 to give uh we’re going to get the task
00:03:29.080 that we gave to chat GPT now you see why
00:03:33.040 we said that artificial intelligence is
00:03:35.640 just a copy of human intelligence but a
00:03:38.959 lot of people are going to tell you that
00:03:41.239 uh
00:03:42.040 99.9% of the people are going to lose
00:03:44.879 their jobs because of artificial
00:03:47.519 intelligence now my opinion is that if
00:03:50.599 you master these AI tools you don’t need
00:03:53.280 to worry because these are just machines
00:03:56.200 these are not humans and someone needs
00:03:58.920 someone needs to control these tools so
00:04:01.439 that is why humans are going to be Kings
00:04:04.120 forever and these AI tools just need
00:04:07.200 someone to use them uh correctly but
00:04:10.000 these tools are very powerful now
00:04:12.799 another AI tool that you can see is
00:04:15.319 called Leonardo AI now this is another
00:04:18.720 AI tool that you can use for free now
00:04:21.519 you can only generate I think 30 or 20
00:04:25.400 different uh AI images per day using
00:04:29.400 this tool for free uh and then you need
00:04:32.639 to pay some small fee like $9 there are
00:04:35.880 also paid uh options like mid Journey
00:04:38.600 this is a best uh AI uh video and image
00:04:43.039 generator now mid journey is the king of
00:04:45.360 course but it costs around $20 and we
00:04:48.199 can do our jobs for free using Leonardo
00:04:51.880 AI to give you guys perspective how
00:04:54.639 powerful this AI tool is you can click
00:04:56.840 on any image right here see the prompt
00:05:00.320 that was given to generate this image
00:05:02.400 and you can see how amazing high quality
00:05:04.680 images are generated using uh this AI
00:05:08.639 tool now beautiful images can be
00:05:10.960 generated just by inputting prompts and
00:05:13.960 giving instructions to AI to generate
00:05:16.720 this kind of images you can see how high
00:05:19.919 quality they are and what we can do is
00:05:24.160 we can go and use it right now just to
00:05:25.880 show you guys how this works I’m going
00:05:27.759 to click on create new image right here
00:05:30.720 and you can see uh we can use these
00:05:33.560 prompts right here or the feature models
00:05:37.120 I’m going to use dream sharper for
00:05:39.639 example uh you can also put the image
00:05:42.960 Dimensions I’m going to use this
00:05:45.160 Dimension right
00:05:50.319 now and I’m going to say uh C
00:05:55.639 World
00:05:57.240 under 100 m and I’m going to press enter
00:06:01.360 so we’re going to see uh some of the
00:06:04.720 images that are generated using this AI
00:06:07.120 tool you can go and play with the
00:06:09.160 prompts and put much more details uh
00:06:13.199 with these prompts you can see right
00:06:14.880 here this is not something that I have
00:06:16.639 imagined right now uh but and you can
00:06:20.840 see that we didn’t get desired uh AI
00:06:24.360 image so what we can do we can change
00:06:26.680 some of the options right here and for
00:06:29.080 example use absolute reality and input
00:06:32.560 different prompts so let’s say C
00:06:36.680 life
00:06:40.039 underwater and we can click on generate
00:06:42.440 so we can see what type of the images
00:06:46.000 we’re going to generate using this uh
00:06:48.800 prompt and using this model so you can
00:06:51.680 play with it see how it works and you
00:06:54.000 can see now we have received what we
00:06:56.400 wanted you can see how amazing uh it was
00:06:59.680 looks like and this was just generated
00:07:02.720 as I said uh using this uh prompt I’m
00:07:06.840 going to say let’s say 200 M right
00:07:10.000 now or to I need to write 200 M I think
00:07:14.120 we’re going to see what is going to
00:07:15.680 happen with this prompt right
00:07:21.120 here and you can see it is a little bit
00:07:23.879 deeper water right now different fish
00:07:26.840 and so on so that is how you can go in
00:07:29.560 and use this AI tool now there are also
00:07:32.080 a video that you can generate using AI
00:07:35.479 this is called invid Ai and this is a
00:07:38.520 paid software it is number one right now
00:07:41.479 and you can just input The Prompt and
00:07:43.479 get for example the British accent in
00:07:46.199 your video amazing images amazing videos
00:07:49.280 and so on now I’m going going to show
00:07:51.759 you guys exactly every single a tool in
00:07:54.080 action uh I’m going to talk about
00:07:56.240 something different so uh how you can go
00:07:59.000 and make make some money with AI a lot
00:08:01.720 of people are going to focus on selling
00:08:04.199 services selling this uh for example
00:08:06.919 images right here that we generate you
00:08:08.800 can of course do that you can go and
00:08:10.599 sell these images you can go and ask
00:08:13.440 people what kind of images they need
00:08:16.159 they give you guys the prompt use use AI
00:08:18.759 to generate those images and sell them
00:08:21.720 you can do that but a lot of people are
00:08:23.919 already doing it and it is
00:08:26.479 oversaturated you can sell content of
00:08:28.759 course you can go on chat GPT and for
00:08:31.479 example write pawns or write legal doc
00:08:35.159 documents you can also write legal
00:08:36.839 documents using Chad GPT which which is
00:08:40.159 crazy uh you can do that but again it is
00:08:43.279 oversaturated you can of course make
00:08:45.360 money but it is as I said oversaturated
00:08:48.560 selling videos generating videos you can
00:08:50.880 do it using this AI tool it does work
00:08:54.040 you can make a lot of money but a lot of
00:08:56.320 people are already doing it so so we
00:08:59.680 need totally different approach on
00:09:02.000 making money with AI because competition
00:09:04.720 is to the roof because this is a
00:09:07.440 trending topic right now so what is the
00:09:10.240 quote that I’m going to explain you guys
00:09:12.720 what are we going to do uh with AI and
00:09:15.600 how are we going to make money with AI
00:09:17.880 is this great quote in Gold Rush you
00:09:21.040 don’t you don’t dig for gold you sell
00:09:23.839 shovels so what does this mean we are
00:09:27.160 not going to uh for example sell these
00:09:29.839 Services sell these images sell the
00:09:31.760 content what are we going to do is we’re
00:09:34.200 going to focus on selling AI tools now
00:09:37.880 there are tons of different methods that
00:09:39.640 you can do this and I’m going to touch
00:09:42.279 some of them a little bit later without
00:09:44.839 any investment without any skill uh but
00:09:48.360 first of all you need to focus on two
00:09:51.000 things you can create AI tools which is
00:09:53.720 actually really hard you’re probably
00:09:55.880 beginner you probably don’t know how to
00:09:58.240 create SAS or you don’t know how to
00:10:00.519 create these AI tools and what are we
00:10:03.279 mainly going to focus in this course is
00:10:06.600 partnership with existing AI tools now
00:10:09.600 this is very easy you can go and partner
00:10:12.560 with different AI tools that we have
00:10:14.519 talked about and you can go and sell
00:10:17.360 their software so for example let’s say
00:10:20.160 some chatbot software that you probably
00:10:22.399 saw on different websites they cost to
00:10:25.120 run for example few thousand per month
00:10:28.320 so if you go and sell that chatbot
00:10:30.880 software you can get paid for example
00:10:32.839 $1,000 or $2,000 so that is how you can
00:10:36.440 go and make some money using AI without
00:10:39.760 any skill just by selling uh shovels in
00:10:43.360 the gold rush you don’t need to do these
00:10:45.959 type of services you can of course they
00:10:48.800 work but we’re going to focus on selling
00:10:51.560 sh shels in Gold Rush here we are on
00:10:56.440 lesson number two now this is really
00:10:59.480 important I want you guys to take a
00:11:01.399 piece of paper and a pen and write down
00:11:04.160 your AI research now I’m going to show
00:11:07.279 you guys what questions you want to ask
00:11:10.079 yourself and you need answers and you
00:11:12.360 want to put the answers on the piece of
00:11:14.800 paper Now by doing AI research you’re
00:11:17.959 going to find what is trending and what
00:11:20.200 is not for example what is hot what is
00:11:22.760 not what is selling what is not selling
00:11:25.240 so that way you can make most amount of
00:11:27.600 money in the least amount to work now
00:11:30.519 first question that you want to ask
00:11:32.480 yourself is what is the most popular AI
00:11:35.320 right now now you can go and Google type
00:11:37.839 in what is the most popular AI Tools in
00:11:41.200 2024 now you can see this is the total
00:11:43.639 visits from September 2022 to August
00:11:48.240 2023 now this is kind of outdated but
00:11:51.760 something similar is going to pop up
00:11:54.120 when you search for most popular AI
00:11:56.480 tools and you want to search for right
00:11:58.720 now when you’re watching this course you
00:12:00.320 want to do a research right now because
00:12:03.000 everything is changing in blink of the
00:12:05.440 eye you can see the AI tool name chat
00:12:09.200 GPT total visits 14.6 billion views in
00:12:13.360 around let’s say one year uh this
00:12:16.079 character AI 3.8 billion views quillbot
00:12:19.199 1.1 billion views now you want to go and
00:12:22.279 take some of these AI tools and write
00:12:25.000 them down on the piece of paper and find
00:12:27.720 the most popular ones and also you want
00:12:30.120 to check the prices so how much they
00:12:32.480 cost for example Chad GPT is 100% free
00:12:35.600 now to use so you can’t really make
00:12:38.320 money from Chad GPT but for example for
00:12:41.399 me Journey you can make money uh or I
00:12:44.639 have made a lot of money from this AI
00:12:47.240 tool called a pictory Ai and this is
00:12:50.600 basically an AI tool that you can go and
00:12:53.120 input uh the text and video editing and
00:12:57.320 voice over and everything like that is
00:12:59.279 going to be done with pictory AI I’m
00:13:02.079 going to talk about how I made a lot of
00:13:04.560 money with this AI tool a little bit
00:13:06.560 later down the course because that is
00:13:08.839 not what are we going to focus right now
00:13:11.160 we are doing AI research second uh
00:13:14.680 question that you want to ask yourself
00:13:16.920 what problem this AI fix now this is
00:13:19.920 really important uh for example chat GPT
00:13:23.600 what the problem this AI tool fixes chat
00:13:26.519 GPT is a chat bot where you can ask
00:13:29.360 anything and get the answer so you can
00:13:31.680 go and sell content you can go and sell
00:13:34.920 uh for example some Services some legal
00:13:37.880 documents or something like that write
00:13:39.959 poems basically anything out there but
00:13:42.760 with text but for example mid Journey
00:13:45.920 this AI tool generates images so you can
00:13:49.199 go and generate images based on the text
00:13:52.079 and this is a great tool so that is how
00:13:54.720 you can go and make money with that now
00:13:56.959 you want to go and find again the most
00:13:59.560 popular AI tools and write down what are
00:14:02.279 they doing next thing uh you want to ask
00:14:05.920 yourself what type of businesses would
00:14:08.040 buy this AI tool now this is really
00:14:10.440 important question for example when I
00:14:13.279 was selling pictory AI I needed to find
00:14:16.720 something that someone and uh that is
00:14:19.759 interested in creating content online uh
00:14:23.079 video content not any content now that
00:14:25.800 is the answer what kind of problem uh
00:14:28.759 this AI tool solves it solves video
00:14:31.360 editing and creating content for example
00:14:34.959 social media or businesses or something
00:14:37.560 like that that is why pictor is a great
00:14:40.160 tool and I would Target content creators
00:14:43.680 uh to sell them this software now you
00:14:46.360 can’t go in for example to the lawyers
00:14:48.920 and sell lawyers this AI tool maybe some
00:14:51.880 of them would buy but it would be really
00:14:54.800 low percentage amount of people for
00:14:57.199 example quillbot it writes the text for
00:15:00.639 example again mid Journey uh creates
00:15:03.720 images cap cut it generates video
00:15:07.120 editing or some videos that you can
00:15:09.440 generate using cap cut and so on now
00:15:13.079 another question uh you want to ask
00:15:15.959 yourself is again different AI niches
00:15:19.160 now you want to sort uh what niches are
00:15:23.519 in for example Chad GPT and quillbot and
00:15:27.639 for example
00:15:29.440 uh any other content generator can be
00:15:32.839 put in one Niche but for example mid
00:15:35.399 Journey or Leonardo AI that I have shown
00:15:38.360 you guys can be put in for example
00:15:40.759 picture Niche a cap cut pictory Ai and
00:15:45.600 so on this would be another Niche that
00:15:48.360 is video editing and video content
00:15:50.800 creation so you want to sort in
00:15:53.800 different niches that you find uh this
00:15:56.120 on piece of paper you want to write down
00:15:58.160 for example niche content creation and
00:16:00.560 input few AI tools that are um for
00:16:03.880 Content creation or or you want to input
00:16:06.800 for example video editing and input few
00:16:09.560 names that are for video editing next
00:16:12.399 thing that you want to do research on is
00:16:14.360 this AI scam or not because again this
00:16:17.199 is really important some of the AI tools
00:16:19.720 that are coming right now are scams
00:16:21.839 they’re not working or they are not
00:16:24.040 doing what they are telling it is going
00:16:26.920 to do so you want to check that out do a
00:16:29.440 small uh research by just inputting on
00:16:32.440 Google if everything is working
00:16:34.519 correctly some of the small AI tools are
00:16:37.759 probably scams you want to go and work
00:16:41.160 with established AI
00:16:43.680 tools uh also you want to do uh research
00:16:47.319 of who is targeted audience but that is
00:16:49.480 something similar what type of uh
00:16:51.959 businesses would buy this AI tool so you
00:16:53.920 want to go and find who you want to
00:16:56.160 Target for each AI tool again for for
00:16:59.000 example pictory I would Target someone
00:17:01.240 who is content creating for um example
00:17:05.199 uh for YouTube videos for Tik Tok for uh
00:17:08.959 Twitter videos Instagram videos for
00:17:11.880 video editors and so on so what that
00:17:14.599 would be my main target but you can go
00:17:17.720 and sell to other people but it is going
00:17:19.760 to be smaller conversion rate and
00:17:22.400 conversion rate is amount of people that
00:17:24.400 are going to buy the software from you
00:17:27.039 when you are selling it here we are on
00:17:29.799 lesson number three so in lesson number
00:17:32.840 three I’m going to teach you guys how to
00:17:35.000 piggyback popularity of AI tools and
00:17:39.440 this is one of the easiest and best ways
00:17:41.960 not only to make money using AI but also
00:17:45.160 to build passive income that is going to
00:17:47.840 pay you month after month after month
00:17:50.400 even when you stop working I’m going to
00:17:53.240 show you guys exactly how to do this
00:17:55.120 because no one is talking about this and
00:17:57.760 this can be a really money making
00:17:59.760 machine so how to do it first of all you
00:18:02.600 need to find popularity find the popular
00:18:05.600 AI tool and also check the traffic of
00:18:08.240 that AI tool so how to do it you can go
00:18:11.960 on Google search for uh total visits of
00:18:16.440 AI tools or most popular AI tools right
00:18:19.159 now and you can see the stats are from
00:18:21.799 September 2022 up to August 2023 which
00:18:25.960 is almost one year in you can see chat
00:18:29.919 GPT was most popular in that time and
00:18:33.840 we’re talking about 2023 we’re not
00:18:36.039 talking about 2024 because we don’t have
00:18:39.080 stats right now I’m going to show you
00:18:41.000 guys how to check stats live also a
00:18:43.840 little bit later so you can see Chad GPT
00:18:46.640 was generating 14.6 billion views which
00:18:49.600 is 60% of market share of AI so
00:18:53.559 basically uh more than half was of the
00:18:56.360 views was getting by chat G BT or open
00:18:59.960 ai charer ai 3.8 billion views and that
00:19:04.840 is 15% uh of market share of the
00:19:09.039 industry of AI quill bought 1.1 billion
00:19:12.320 views which is
00:19:14.000 4.7% and so on so what is packing so we
00:19:18.679 want to find the popular AI tool that
00:19:21.440 people are already searching for and
00:19:23.840 make videos on social media like
00:19:26.200 Instagram YouTube Facebook uh and
00:19:29.600 Twitter and so on and make reviews of
00:19:32.919 this product I’m going to show you guys
00:19:35.120 how powerful this is and how this can
00:19:37.280 make you a lot of money so for example
00:19:39.600 I’m going to search for chat
00:19:41.440 GPT and you can see uh for example this
00:19:44.360 video right here it has 3.8 million
00:19:47.480 views and probably 80 maybe even 90% of
00:19:51.559 these views are not coming from his
00:19:54.200 subscribers these views are coming from
00:19:56.600 the Search terms like chat G
00:19:59.200 or chat GPT review and so on so people
00:20:02.640 are not actually interested in this guy
00:20:04.919 they’re interested in chat GPT and he’s
00:20:07.640 using that in his advantage that is
00:20:10.200 happening over and over again so how we
00:20:13.080 can go and piggy back with a low amount
00:20:15.799 of views and make a lot of money you
00:20:17.600 don’t need these kind of views to make a
00:20:19.520 lot of money uh with AI I’m going to
00:20:22.320 show you guys exactly how to do it so
00:20:24.240 make sure to pay close attention so
00:20:27.440 first of all we need to find the popular
00:20:30.159 AI tool but we also need to find the
00:20:32.640 popular AI tool that is going to pay us
00:20:35.080 commission for each customer that we
00:20:38.080 refer and that is called affiliate
00:20:40.919 marketing so what is affiliate marketing
00:20:43.440 that is selling other people’s products
00:20:45.880 for Commission Now Chad GPT is not going
00:20:49.520 to allow us because they’re already big
00:20:52.240 they don’t really care about you
00:20:54.000 promoting their product because they’re
00:20:56.120 almost uh they’re already the most po
00:20:58.600 popular one so they’re not going to
00:21:00.480 provide you guys with commissions for
00:21:02.720 each sale but some of these products are
00:21:05.200 going to provide you guys with
00:21:06.600 commissions and I’m going to show you
00:21:08.039 guys how it works so first of all we
00:21:10.600 want to go and check the traffic of this
00:21:14.760 uh of this for example AI tool and see
00:21:17.520 if they’re getting a few hundred, views
00:21:20.960 per month I’m going to show show you
00:21:23.919 guys I’m going to use Chad gpts an
00:21:26.000 example so you can go on this website or
00:21:29.159 go on Google search for traffic tracker
00:21:31.880 and you’re going to see this uh website
00:21:34.559 you can just jump type in this words and
00:21:37.520 typing.com and you’re going to find this
00:21:40.840 uh tool now I’m going to show you guys
00:21:43.320 how this works I’m going to write open
00:21:46.000 ai.com that is how we going to check the
00:21:49.960 traffic to this domain I’m going to
00:21:51.919 click on check traffic this is going to
00:21:54.640 say verify and you can see organic
00:21:57.640 traffic on of open AI organic traffic is
00:22:02.159 uh you can see almost 200 million views
00:22:06.039 that are coming to this website every
00:22:08.520 single month you can also check right
00:22:10.480 here in December that was 8
00:22:13.320 181 million views in January 146 million
00:22:18.159 views that is a small drop and you can
00:22:20.600 see it is Rising once
00:22:23.600 again now traffic value that is coming
00:22:27.440 to this website is worth over $42
00:22:30.919 million which is actually
00:22:33.240 crazy but how we can go and take this uh
00:22:37.200 to our advantage how they we can go and
00:22:39.600 use this search volume you can see chat
00:22:41.960 GPT uh keyword is getting
00:22:44.880 34.7 million views so how we can go and
00:22:48.320 take advantage of this volume and turn
00:22:50.400 it into money for us I’m going to use an
00:22:53.960 example that I have made a lot of money
00:22:57.000 with and you probably if you watch my
00:22:59.640 YouTube channel you probably saw this uh
00:23:02.279 AI tool I also made a review video on my
00:23:06.120 other YouTube
00:23:07.799 channel you can see I explain in 13
00:23:12.039 minutes I explain how this AI tool
00:23:15.000 called Victory works and I’m getting
00:23:17.799 paid for it so how this works and I also
00:23:21.840 made a lot of money with Victory I’m not
00:23:23.960 going to lie you to you guys I have sold
00:23:27.360 tons and tons one of the best Affiliates
00:23:29.720 on pictory and I have made a lot of
00:23:32.039 money using their affiliate service
00:23:35.360 which is helping other people to um
00:23:39.000 automize with this a tool and that way I
00:23:42.440 make money so what this video was about
00:23:46.240 I have explained what is pictory AI and
00:23:49.520 how it can help uh you grow your own
00:23:53.159 business so that way people watch this
00:23:56.000 video and if they find it helpful they
00:23:58.559 want to buy this AI tool now when they
00:24:01.799 go and click on this affiliate link and
00:24:04.400 if you don’t know what is affiliate link
00:24:06.400 that is a special link that you can go
00:24:08.520 and generate on affiliate uh platforms
00:24:12.480 and basically whenever when someone buys
00:24:14.919 the product that you promote through
00:24:16.919 your affiliate link you’re going to get
00:24:18.880 paid now I’m going to click on this
00:24:21.000 affiliate link and this is my affiliate
00:24:22.960 link and you can see you can get started
00:24:25.440 for free but the pricing of this AI tool
00:24:29.360 is starting from $19 per month up to 13
00:24:34.159 uh $39 per month up to $99 per month now
00:24:39.520 the prices are a little bit higher if
00:24:41.720 you go with uh if you want to pay
00:24:43.480 monthly but if you want to pay yearly uh
00:24:46.240 that would be almost let’s say
00:24:48.760 $220 per month uh per year uh almost
00:24:52.840 let’s say
00:24:54.080 $450 per year and $1,200
00:24:58.440 per year now when someone buys this most
00:25:01.679 expensive package you can get from 20%
00:25:05.399 commission I think up to 50% commission
00:25:09.159 now I’m one of the biggest Affiliates of
00:25:11.159 pictory so I’m getting the maximum
00:25:13.159 commission which means for example if I
00:25:16.600 get for example 50% commission for this
00:25:19.559 sale of
00:25:20.880 $1,200 per year I would make
00:25:24.880 $600 and you can see how big this is
00:25:27.720 because people people that are searching
00:25:29.080 for example for pictory and you can see
00:25:31.279 I have generated almost 1,400 views on
00:25:34.960 this video I have also generated
00:25:37.559 millions of views on other videos and
00:25:40.240 I’m also going to show you guys that a
00:25:42.120 little bit later but uh for example just
00:25:45.600 from this review video I’ve made a lot
00:25:47.760 of sales because people watch people
00:25:50.360 have searched for these keywords you can
00:25:52.279 see pictory AI review they have searched
00:25:55.039 it on YouTube they have found this video
00:25:57.799 they have watched how pictory AI Works
00:26:00.760 they have clicked on my affiliate link
00:26:02.679 and bought the product that is that easy
00:26:06.000 so that is how you can make money with
00:26:07.960 AI on piggy backing this is really the
00:26:11.080 easiest way that you can go and make
00:26:12.919 money uh with this type of uh with this
00:26:17.840 type of videos and uh with
00:26:21.080 AI you can also sign up for f products
00:26:24.840 or uh for particular AI tool you can
00:26:27.960 also Outreach if they don’t have right
00:26:30.600 now so how this works you can go and
00:26:34.320 sign up for pictory and right on the
00:26:36.919 bottom usually they have affiliate link
00:26:40.399 right here affiliate partner program for
00:26:43.159 example for pictory you can click on
00:26:45.279 that and you can see you can educate
00:26:48.520 people you can inspire people and earn
00:26:51.200 money so how this works uh you can get
00:26:54.840 if you have uh audience over 10,000 you
00:26:57.919 can go and partner with pictory and
00:27:00.679 start making a lot of money you can go
00:27:03.440 and apply right now and uh basically
00:27:06.919 make with almost any other affiliate
00:27:09.640 tool pictory is just an example because
00:27:11.880 I used it to make tons of money but you
00:27:14.640 can go and make review videos for each
00:27:17.000 and every single of these AI tools now I
00:27:21.000 have made a list for you guys that you
00:27:23.320 can go and sign up to make money with
00:27:26.240 this uh AI tools so for example get
00:27:30.240 response this is email and digital
00:27:33.720 marketing AI tool sem Rush SEO digital
00:27:38.159 marketing uh any word copywriting and so
00:27:41.799 on you can go and check out all of these
00:27:44.279 AI tools they are great tools you can
00:27:46.760 sign up for affiliate Marketplace or
00:27:50.200 affiliate um program and sell their
00:27:54.880 products now to use an example of for
00:27:57.880 example get response you can see get
00:28:03.200 response review for
00:28:06.120 example and these people are not making
00:28:08.840 these reviews just for fun they’re
00:28:11.200 making it because they’re making a lot
00:28:13.200 of money and right here you’re going to
00:28:15.640 see this girl has made review video and
00:28:18.399 it has only 400 views but what you don’t
00:28:22.039 understand is that is more than enough
00:28:24.120 to get few sales and make for example
00:28:27.120 $200 so you can see this one has 8,000
00:28:30.519 views and this is passive income because
00:28:33.120 people are going to keep searching for
00:28:35.000 this um keywords they’re going to keep
00:28:37.720 uh researching what this product does
00:28:40.039 and if you don’t know how to learn about
00:28:42.679 this product you can watch other review
00:28:45.080 videos and that way you can go and learn
00:28:49.360 how to do a review of the product do the
00:28:52.320 review of the product upload it on your
00:28:54.559 YouTube or Instagram or Twitter or if
00:28:57.640 you don’t know to create content don’t
00:28:59.640 worry later down the course I’m going to
00:29:02.159 teach you guys how to create content
00:29:04.399 also so you can go and get for example
00:29:07.240 affiliate link I’m going to click on
00:29:08.640 this video right here I’m not going to
00:29:11.200 watch it and right here of course he has
00:29:14.320 affiliate link that is how he’s making a
00:29:16.600 lot of money you can go and click on
00:29:18.600 this affiliate link there is going to
00:29:20.399 direct link to the product where you can
00:29:23.080 go and create a free account but of
00:29:25.559 course there is pricing for this product
00:29:28.720 and you can see per month this product
00:29:30.840 costs from $13 per month up to almost
00:29:34.200 $90 per month same as pictory and again
00:29:38.240 when some someone signs up for monthly
00:29:41.480 billing you’re going to get recurring
00:29:44.440 commissions uh from this product which
00:29:46.679 is great so that is how you can make a
00:29:49.279 lot of money using piggybacking all
00:29:52.640 popular AI tools now again you can go
00:29:55.240 and create review videos of AI tools and
00:29:57.600 show it in action how it works and you
00:30:00.360 can upload it on social media like
00:30:02.159 YouTube Twitter Instagram and so on and
00:30:05.919 you can put affiliate Link in your
00:30:07.880 description and again how to put a link
00:30:11.039 in the description just like this for
00:30:12.799 example or like uh I made a lot of money
00:30:16.320 with this uh review I want to show you
00:30:19.159 guys also this so there was a super
00:30:22.039 affiliate system uh that was very
00:30:24.600 popular back in the day four years ago
00:30:27.519 and this generated me uh tens of
00:30:30.159 thousands of dollars this video a simple
00:30:32.000 video that I have made uh long time
00:30:35.279 ago so you can see this is a Google ad
00:30:38.200 right here I’m going to pause it and
00:30:41.120 this video was generated uh as I said
00:30:44.279 tens of thousands of dollars you can see
00:30:46.840 aili link right here for this product
00:30:49.600 and what this product was about it was
00:30:52.679 about affiliate marketing so how this
00:30:55.320 works people search for this keyword
00:30:59.039 they found my video I have generated
00:31:01.559 almost 177,000 views which is crazy that
00:31:05.559 is a lot of views for review video it
00:31:09.360 was it generated
00:31:11.440 436 likes and you can see for each sale
00:31:15.960 of this product I have generated around
00:31:18.760 $500 so let’s say I get 10 sales only
00:31:22.960 and that is only that would be $5,000
00:31:26.279 let’s say I have generated 100 sales
00:31:29.440 that would be
00:31:30.799 $50,000 so you can see how easily this
00:31:33.480 can add up and of course people that
00:31:35.399 search for reviews are probably going to
00:31:37.799 buy the product but because they are
00:31:39.799 highly interested in uh the product that
00:31:42.639 you’re trying to review and showing them
00:31:45.039 how to it works they’re highly
00:31:46.639 interested in so they’re probably going
00:31:48.639 to also buy the product and that is how
00:31:51.080 you can go and pig you back off uh
00:31:54.360 popular AI tools and make money all
00:31:57.519 right in lesson number four we’re going
00:31:59.760 to talk about how to create content for
00:32:02.360 YouTube Instagram uh Tik Tok and so on
00:32:06.279 now if you’re trying to promote AI tools
00:32:09.399 uh on the social media accounts that is
00:32:11.639 where the traffic is and you want to go
00:32:14.360 and use these social media accounts to
00:32:17.639 generate traffic to your AI tools that
00:32:19.840 you’re promoting and that way you’re
00:32:21.639 going to make a lot of money now later
00:32:24.840 down this course that you’re watching
00:32:26.679 right now you’re going to find uh the
00:32:29.240 full step by step from a toz YouTube
00:32:32.200 course uh for Content creation ranking
00:32:35.200 and so on uh which is going to be
00:32:37.279 step-by-step explanation but right now
00:32:39.559 in lesson number four I’m just going to
00:32:41.600 create a brief explanation how to do
00:32:44.279 this so first of all you need to
00:32:46.399 download the software called OBS studio
00:32:49.760 and that is 100% free or you can use
00:32:52.440 Camtasia which is paid now I recommend
00:32:55.320 you guys to use whatever you wish you
00:32:57.799 you can start with free one then you can
00:32:59.600 use paid one I’m using Camtasia right
00:33:02.240 now that I’m recording but if you go on
00:33:05.480 Google type in uh OBS Studio like this
00:33:08.600 and make sure to click on this one then
00:33:11.600 you’re going to see page that looks like
00:33:13.559 this you can go and download Windows or
00:33:16.639 Mac or Linux depending on what operating
00:33:19.840 system you have now if you have uh for
00:33:22.799 example Apple um laptop or computer make
00:33:26.240 sure to download this one if you have
00:33:28.159 Windows download this one and Linux
00:33:30.720 download this one now when you download
00:33:34.080 it directly to your PC you’re going to
00:33:37.039 just install it with just few simple
00:33:39.159 clicks uh but if you want to use
00:33:41.559 Camtasia which is a paid service or paid
00:33:44.679 software you can download it for free
00:33:46.840 but it is going to have a watermark and
00:33:48.960 a lot of uh bad stuff so you actually
00:33:51.279 need to buy it to use Camtasia and this
00:33:54.399 is a great uh tool but I recommend you
00:33:57.120 guys to start free version then you can
00:33:59.279 decide if you need paid one they
00:34:01.559 basically do the same job I just use
00:34:03.760 Camtasia because I have used it whole my
00:34:05.919 life so that is why I’m actually just
00:34:08.399 using this AI uh sorry this uh
00:34:11.800 software next thing that you want to do
00:34:14.879 is you want to record the the tutorial
00:34:17.800 now you can go and record whatever you
00:34:19.480 wish you can go and edit uh or you can
00:34:21.918 use AI uh to generate um videos or you
00:34:25.879 can record it like I’m recording right
00:34:28.000 now this course I’m using canasia to
00:34:30.520 record this screen where I explain you
00:34:33.760 guys uh what to do next thing that you
00:34:37.000 want to do you want to use SEO optimize
00:34:40.000 videos using AI so how you can do that
00:34:43.239 so for example I’m uploading video on
00:34:45.839 YouTube and you can see this is the
00:34:47.960 video so I want to go on chat GPT for
00:34:51.760 example and you don’t even need to log
00:34:54.159 in right now so you can go and say
00:34:56.719 create SEO
00:34:59.359 optimized uh title for YouTube video on
00:35:05.240 let’s say how to use chat
00:35:09.280 GPT this is an example again so we can
00:35:12.839 see mastering the chat GPT a stepbystep
00:35:16.640 uh guide for seamless uh usage AI
00:35:19.960 assistance uh simplified so this is a
00:35:23.040 great title for YouTube video I’m going
00:35:25.800 to use it for example I’m going to copy
00:35:28.680 it paste it right here you can also
00:35:31.160 delete some parts if you don’t like it I
00:35:33.119 don’t like this last uh stuff I’m going
00:35:36.400 to just leave simplified for
00:35:40.200 example you can see how great this title
00:35:43.000 looks like this is really amazing next
00:35:45.640 thing that you want to do is you want to
00:35:47.680 tell Chad
00:35:48.880 GPT now
00:35:51.079 create
00:35:53.640 description for this YouTube video
00:36:01.800 and you can also rewrite it you don’t
00:36:03.920 want to always just copy and paste it
00:36:06.160 make sure to rewrite this uh text
00:36:09.520 because sometimes it can get it can look
00:36:12.319 very professional you don’t want your
00:36:14.760 titles or your descriptions to look very
00:36:18.079 professional uh make
00:36:20.200 it more unprofessional for example
00:36:31.880 and you can see this is not professional
00:36:34.560 title or description that I like to use
00:36:37.520 this is just an example you want to
00:36:39.560 rewrite it with your own words or you
00:36:41.920 can just go and copy and paste it but
00:36:44.200 sometimes copying and pasting this AI
00:36:46.560 text can hurt uh your SEO because
00:36:50.400 sometimes uh this Google can see what is
00:36:54.480 chat GPT generated so sometimes you just
00:36:57.000 want to rewrite
00:36:59.319 this you can go and paste it like this
00:37:02.920 now next thing that we need is a
00:37:04.640 thumbnail so how we can go and create
00:37:07.280 thumbnails and that is probably right
00:37:09.560 here create thumbnail using canva now
00:37:12.880 you can go on canva.com create a free
00:37:15.319 account uh and once you create your free
00:37:17.720 account you want to you’re going to see
00:37:19.960 a page that looks like this and you want
00:37:21.880 to search for YouTube thumbnail click on
00:37:24.400 this one and right here you can choose
00:37:28.000 which thumbnail you like I’m going to
00:37:30.720 for
00:37:31.760 example click on this one I have used
00:37:34.319 this one a lot in my past on my YouTube
00:37:38.319 channel and uh by creating thumbnails
00:37:41.240 you can just go and input text whatever
00:37:43.960 you want right
00:37:51.560 here you can see you can edit whatever
00:37:54.240 you want you can move these images you
00:37:56.920 can delete some part you can delete some
00:37:58.960 text you can change the color of the
00:38:01.960 background uh you can do a tons of stuff
00:38:04.680 with this canva this is a really great
00:38:06.960 tool I really love using canva now you
00:38:10.440 can also go and upload some files add
00:38:14.079 text add elements for example if you
00:38:17.640 want to you can add element like
00:38:25.800 this you can also add graphics if you
00:38:28.960 want to you can draw also if you want to
00:38:32.920 you can draw it for
00:38:35.640 example I’m going to draw some random
00:38:37.920 lines I’m not going to draw it any
00:38:39.880 special so you can see how easily it is
00:38:42.760 to generate thumbnails you can now just
00:38:45.040 click on share download download and
00:38:48.720 you’re going to have it on your desktop
00:38:51.280 now you can go and upload it on upload
00:38:53.720 custom thumbnail and click on next and
00:38:56.240 upload your video that is how easily it
00:38:59.440 can be done uh for creating YouTube
00:39:02.359 content uh as an example just with few
00:39:05.839 clicks now you can go and repeat this
00:39:08.359 process over and over again for great
00:39:11.079 results and to start making some money
00:39:13.800 now again later down the course you’re
00:39:16.119 going to see a full from a toz YouTube
00:39:19.240 course that is going to help you guys
00:39:21.599 start your YouTube channel start growing
00:39:23.760 on YouTube start growing on social media
00:39:26.560 and start generating traffic to your
00:39:29.160 affiliate links in lesson number five
00:39:32.119 we’re going to talk about how creating
00:39:34.440 communities around AI can be really big
00:39:38.119 so for example if you go and collect 100
00:39:41.400 people that are engaging with your
00:39:43.359 content if you go and collect their
00:39:45.800 emails and send them daily updates of AI
00:39:49.760 this can be really helpful to sell some
00:39:52.440 products to them because you’re going to
00:39:54.760 help them uh resolve some problem s with
00:39:58.200 AI and they’re going to be willing to
00:40:00.319 pay you money for that uh the email is
00:40:03.760 again an oldfashioned but it still works
00:40:06.800 you can also create Facebook groups and
00:40:09.040 YouTube channels to collect subscribers
00:40:11.599 that is also the way for example this is
00:40:14.040 a great group uh artificial intelligence
00:40:16.720 Group which is talking about um of
00:40:20.359 course Ai and right here you can go and
00:40:22.960 promote your YouTube channel you can go
00:40:24.680 and promote the affiliate products you
00:40:26.760 can see this is right here promoting
00:40:28.599 affiliate product and it has over 18,900
00:40:32.520 members so you want to go and find um
00:40:35.880 some of the examples of big uh AI groups
00:40:39.160 and create something similar in that
00:40:41.319 Niche so that way you can go and collect
00:40:44.040 people that are actually interested in
00:40:46.079 Ai and need some help so you can go and
00:40:48.480 provide them with
00:40:49.920 information school is another option
00:40:53.040 this is a little bit more expensive
00:40:55.000 option uh but this is a great
00:40:58.000 uh great tool it costs around I think
00:41:01.240 $99 per month to create SCH School
00:41:04.440 communities and right here you can also
00:41:06.720 charge money to get paid so for example
00:41:09.480 this is a free group right here this is
00:41:12.160 I don’t know how to pronounce it films
00:41:14.480 Academy so basically this girl runs uh
00:41:19.640 21,300 members uh for free but she’s
00:41:23.280 probably selling some stuff there and
00:41:26.400 for example this guy is uh creating this
00:41:28.839 group and he has $1 per month for each
00:41:31.880 member that means that he’s generating
00:41:34.400 130 $33,000 per month just from this
00:41:38.319 group uh another best selling one is
00:41:41.520 this one right here uh she has over uh
00:41:45.599 14,500 members that are paying I think
00:41:49.400 $50 or something like that I am going to
00:41:52.520 check it right now so I think that is
00:41:56.960 around around $47 per month if you go
00:42:00.119 and do the med that is H I think almost
00:42:03.079 a million dollar so
00:42:05.480 $14,500 times uh $50 that is around
00:42:10.319 $700,000 per month just by running this
00:42:14.560 school group so you can go and create
00:42:16.720 free community right here provide some
00:42:19.119 value and that way generate some traffic
00:42:22.640 to your affili LS so the product that
00:42:24.720 you’re promoting or whatever you’re
00:42:26.720 trying to sell in AI so this is a really
00:42:30.160 great way how you can go and make some
00:42:32.119 money uh with AI tools another way you
00:42:36.680 can go is you can offer free value and
00:42:40.040 at the end you can again offer a free
00:42:42.400 value for free uh to your community and
00:42:45.400 after that promote them the products
00:42:47.800 this is again an example as school or
00:42:50.079 Facebook you can go and provide a lot of
00:42:52.400 value so something that people are going
00:42:54.319 to read for example if you create a
00:42:56.800 Facebook group and you go and do a
00:42:59.319 review of each and every interesting AI
00:43:02.440 product people are going to be
00:43:04.400 interested in that so they’re going to
00:43:06.480 watch your stop they’re going to check
00:43:08.040 it out you can do the same thing on
00:43:10.640 school create groups and provide free
00:43:13.839 value and just provide them with
00:43:16.000 affiliate Links of each product so when
00:43:18.319 someone signs up for your product and
00:43:21.079 they go and pay it you’re going to earn
00:43:23.359 commission and that way you can make
00:43:25.400 money with AI before we jump into next
00:43:29.040 chapter I want to show you guys where
00:43:31.200 you can find to sign up to be affiliate
00:43:33.920 for AI tool that you actually like so to
00:43:37.119 use as an example we’re going to jump in
00:43:39.960 on Nidia Ai and write at the bottom of
00:43:43.839 the page we’re going to scroll it to the
00:43:45.640 bottom you’re going to see right here
00:43:48.440 usually you’re going to find affiliate
00:43:50.599 program or affiliate marketing right
00:43:52.880 here you can see company affiliate
00:43:54.559 program you can click on that and click
00:43:56.839 on become affiliate and start selling
00:43:59.720 this product you can do exactly the same
00:44:02.240 for almost all of the products a
00:44:05.160 products we’re going to use pictory as
00:44:06.880 an example right here we can see
00:44:09.119 affiliate uh partner program you can
00:44:11.480 click on it and sign up but sometimes
00:44:14.640 you’re going to see for example I’m
00:44:17.079 going to use uh morph AI this is for
00:44:20.760 voice uh voice over AI so right here
00:44:24.960 when you scroll it to the bottom of the
00:44:26.680 page
00:44:27.680 sometimes you’re not going to find to
00:44:29.720 sign up for affiliate program so in that
00:44:32.520 case what you can do is you can jump in
00:44:34.440 on Google and search for example for
00:44:37.599 morph
00:44:39.079 AI uh affiliate
00:44:45.319 program and I’m going to click on this
00:44:48.280 this first one and you can see uh you
00:44:50.839 can get uh up to 20% on your uh Mor
00:44:55.480 referrals so for each affiliate product
00:44:58.040 that you sell you’re going to earn money
00:45:00.240 now you can click on become affiliate
00:45:01.960 right here and sign up today so there
00:45:04.359 are tons of different affiliate programs
00:45:06.599 tons of different AI tools and you can
00:45:08.960 use Google sometimes when you can’t find
00:45:11.640 actually affiliate page to sign up uh
00:45:13.880 for each product and for example when
00:45:16.480 you go on uh Google and typing for chat
00:45:21.280 GPT affiliate program usually uh chat
00:45:24.240 GPT doesn’t provide any affiliate uh
00:45:27.200 program so you can see affiliate program
00:45:29.040 finder uh you can sign up for some of
00:45:31.359 the Chad GPT Affiliates but as I said
00:45:34.599 usually uh open AI doesn’t allow people
00:45:37.960 to sell their products usually because
00:45:39.960 they already have a lot of customers a
00:45:42.200 lot of people on their um uh on their
00:45:45.680 website so they don’t need uh more
00:45:48.040 traffic from you to steal some of the
00:45:51.359 commissions from the sales so that is
00:45:53.119 how you can go and find easy uh
00:45:55.760 affiliate products that you can promote
00:45:58.160 on AI in lesson number six I want to
00:46:01.920 talk about something that you actually
00:46:04.040 need to do when you’re creating content
00:46:06.839 because when you’re creating content for
00:46:08.760 example for social media you’re not
00:46:11.640 going to start from a few thousand
00:46:14.040 subscribers you’re going to start from
00:46:16.160 zero so while you’re on zero subscribers
00:46:19.760 while you get zero views in the
00:46:21.559 beginning what I recommend you guys to
00:46:23.960 do is called Outreach for AI office
00:46:27.040 first now for in lesson number six I’m
00:46:30.359 going to explain you guys how to set
00:46:32.319 everything up in in lesson number 7 I’m
00:46:35.480 going to show you guys exactly how to do
00:46:37.480 Cod Outreach so first of all what is
00:46:40.760 called Outreach that is when you go and
00:46:43.000 collect emails from the people of the
00:46:45.800 potential customers and you send for
00:46:48.240 example 100 emails and one person buys
00:46:51.680 the offer so I’m going to show you guys
00:46:53.920 how this works but first of all how to
00:46:56.280 set up everything you need to create a
00:46:58.960 new email because you don’t want to use
00:47:01.440 some spammy one from before and you want
00:47:04.599 to make it look professional so how to
00:47:07.119 look it professional you can go and buy
00:47:09.920 the pro professional email uh if you
00:47:12.599 want to but if you don’t want to invest
00:47:15.200 any money up front you can go and just
00:47:17.720 create gmail account this is not 100%
00:47:21.680 recommended to have professional account
00:47:24.440 but you want to look more professional
00:47:27.319 then with Gmail but it works both ways
00:47:30.440 you can start with whatever you wish
00:47:33.440 second step is to upload image this is
00:47:36.359 also really important so when you go and
00:47:39.119 create your Gmail account make sure to
00:47:41.599 upload your image of yourself uh for
00:47:44.359 your profile because you don’t want to
00:47:46.119 use blank image on your uh email account
00:47:50.079 or Gmail
00:47:51.520 account next thing never copy and paste
00:47:55.280 emails what this means is you go and
00:47:58.040 create one professional email for your
00:48:00.760 AI offer and you go and spam your email
00:48:05.000 if you do that you’re going to get
00:48:06.480 ghosted make sure never to copy and
00:48:09.200 paste because if you go and send same
00:48:11.839 same email over and over and over again
00:48:14.440 you’re going to get ghosted 100% of the
00:48:17.160 time so make sure to never repeat your
00:48:20.440 emails and you can go and use chat GPT
00:48:23.559 to Gil uh to generate emails to sound
00:48:26.839 professional so how to do that just go
00:48:29.319 on chat GPT and create for example
00:48:32.520 create
00:48:34.640 professional
00:48:36.160 email
00:48:38.200 for
00:48:40.720 promoting AI
00:48:43.000 tool and you’re going to get uh your uh
00:48:47.400 professional email you want to give more
00:48:49.839 specific information on what you are
00:48:52.480 trying to promote so for example if
00:48:54.760 you’re promoting text to speech AI tool
00:48:57.640 like pictory you want to say create
00:49:00.000 professional email for promoting pictory
00:49:02.079 AI at text to uh image or text to video
00:49:07.520 AI tool or text to speech AI tool and
00:49:10.920 that is going to help chat GPT to
00:49:13.200 provide you with a more detailed uh
00:49:16.640 email for your business so that is how
00:49:21.280 you can go and generate or start your
00:49:24.319 Outreach business and in step to we
00:49:27.160 going to talk about exactly how to in
00:49:29.520 lesson number seven we going to talk
00:49:31.880 about called Outreach for AI offers part
00:49:35.079 two so we want to continue to talk about
00:49:38.079 cold Outreach because this is one of the
00:49:40.359 easiest methods to get started with and
00:49:43.040 also you can start getting faster
00:49:45.480 results than creating content if you’re
00:49:48.760 creating content that is much better
00:49:51.079 because it is passive but it takes some
00:49:53.920 time to grow you’re starting probably
00:49:56.319 from to zero so that is why I recommend
00:49:59.040 you guys to do both so with cold
00:50:02.160 Outreach you want to start with finding
00:50:04.440 good baying AI tool and of course that
00:50:07.839 offers recurring income so if you don’t
00:50:10.760 know what is recurring income let’s
00:50:13.520 explain that so this is a company let’s
00:50:16.200 say AI company and this is your customer
00:50:19.119 so if this AI company offers product or
00:50:21.760 service and has sub subscription cycle
00:50:25.440 like for example Netflix
00:50:27.440 that cost I think $20 per month I don’t
00:50:30.200 know so let’s say this has this AI tool
00:50:33.880 has subscription cycle and your customer
00:50:36.319 needs to pay every single month to use
00:50:39.079 this Tool uh you can go and run
00:50:42.119 affiliate offer for this company and
00:50:45.559 let’s say this product cost $10 to make
00:50:48.000 it easier and for each sale you get 50%
00:50:51.280 commission so when a customer pays that
00:50:53.640 $10 to this company you’re going to get
00:50:56.119 paid $5 every single month so that is
00:51:00.119 explanation of what is recurring billing
00:51:02.680 in affiliate
00:51:04.480 marketing now we want to talk about how
00:51:06.960 to find good paying AI tools there are
00:51:09.440 few ways that you can do it you can go
00:51:11.799 jump in on Google and search for example
00:51:14.559 best affiliate programs for AI in
00:51:18.200 2024 and here are some of the examples
00:51:21.319 headshot uh Pro this is an AI tool that
00:51:26.119 uh turn play selfies in professional has
00:51:29.920 shots you can use on LinkedIn now this
00:51:32.040 is a great uh way to get started with to
00:51:35.119 offer your customers you just need to
00:51:37.640 find the right customer that has pain
00:51:41.079 for this so they need professional
00:51:43.680 selfies to turn it into professional
00:51:46.440 head shots uh for AI plat so for Linkin
00:51:50.880 or social media uh platforms so how this
00:51:54.720 works is you for each sale that you get
00:51:58.400 uh through your affiliate link you’re
00:52:00.280 going to get paid 30% Commission on all
00:52:04.040 referrals that means for package that
00:52:06.520 cost $39 per month uh you’re going to
00:52:09.680 get paid for 10 referrals
00:52:15.400 $117 now this is not the greatest uh
00:52:18.799 money in the world but it is a really
00:52:21.440 easy uh tool to sell next thing is compy
00:52:25.760 AI this is for uh writers for
00:52:29.520 copywriters so you can earn 45%
00:52:33.000 Commission on each sale uh each monthly
00:52:35.880 subscription is 13 $49 and you can earn
00:52:39.559 $220 per month by referring 10 people so
00:52:43.520 for 10 people only you can get paid $220
00:52:46.720 per month for 100 people
00:52:48.920 $2,200 and so on Photo AI again great
00:52:52.839 tool and so on I’m not going to read
00:52:55.640 each and every one
00:52:57.440 but also you’re going to ask me how you
00:53:00.240 can go and find some of the higher
00:53:03.079 paying ones so you can go on a website
00:53:06.079 called offer Walt now what is offer Walt
00:53:09.280 offer Walt is a place where you can go
00:53:11.559 and do a research of many affiliate
00:53:13.559 networks out there and find the product
00:53:17.079 to promote so I’m going to search for AI
00:53:19.720 right here and I’m going to press on
00:53:21.839 search and right here this is sorted by
00:53:26.119 High paying ones right here you can see
00:53:29.400 they have Bitcoin 360 AI offer which
00:53:33.520 pays
00:53:35.400 $950 now I would stick away from these
00:53:39.400 offers these crypto offers because
00:53:42.680 usually what these offers do is they uh
00:53:46.520 want your customer to deposit their
00:53:50.119 crypto currency and when they lose money
00:53:53.040 you’re going to get paid
00:53:55.440 $950 so I don’t think that that is a
00:53:58.240 really great way to make money online
00:54:00.960 yes money is Great Commission is great
00:54:03.319 but I don’t think that is the best way
00:54:05.520 so I would avoid all of this crypto
00:54:08.200 stuff and you can find the product that
00:54:11.599 you’re interested in and that you think
00:54:14.880 that can help your customers you also
00:54:18.319 want to do a research of the customers
00:54:20.440 that you’re trying to Pro uh to Target
00:54:23.079 so I’m going to show you guys some of
00:54:25.000 the products that you can choose
00:54:26.880 e-commerce for example is a great
00:54:28.920 product uh for your customers uh and so
00:54:32.839 on so I’m not going to pick anything
00:54:35.079 right here I’m going to show you guys
00:54:37.280 how you can go and find people to called
00:54:40.480 Outreach so first of all you want to go
00:54:43.240 and open Google Maps and you want to
00:54:45.559 search for specific businesses in
00:54:48.040 specific location so right here here we
00:54:51.839 are on Google Maps and I’m going to
00:54:54.079 search for Los Angeles
00:54:57.720 dentist and this is just an example guys
00:55:00.680 I don’t know why I targeted Los Angeles
00:55:03.040 I don’t know why I targeted dentist but
00:55:05.480 this is just an
00:55:06.680 example so you can right here find tons
00:55:10.440 on different businesses that probably
00:55:13.319 need some of the services to improve
00:55:16.079 their business so let’s say we’re going
00:55:19.040 to click on maybe this one right here
00:55:23.720 I’m going to click on this one and what
00:55:26.559 you want to search for is usually they
00:55:29.920 have a website and on their website they
00:55:33.079 have some of the email or stuff or you
00:55:37.400 can go and find the phone number now I
00:55:40.440 don’t do called Outreach with phone the
00:55:44.119 reason why is I don’t like to talk up on
00:55:46.480 the phone and I think it is a great way
00:55:49.520 to call Outreach but I don’t really do
00:55:51.920 it so what I usually do is I go on
00:55:54.760 website and you usually these businesses
00:55:58.000 are going to have a email on their
00:56:00.760 website so you can go and offer
00:56:04.640 your your
00:56:06.599 clients right here this guy doesn’t have
00:56:09.280 I think he has contact us phone number
00:56:13.119 and he doesn’t have email so you want to
00:56:15.920 maybe for example skip this one or you
00:56:18.440 can contact them to
00:56:20.920 phone but you want to find the
00:56:23.920 businesses that have uh their email
00:56:27.200 address so right here this one has email
00:56:31.960 you can drop them email like this you
00:56:33.880 can write first name last name email
00:56:36.480 phone number and so on and you can go
00:56:39.520 and drop them your email address or you
00:56:42.559 can contact them through Instagram or uh
00:56:45.599 Twitter maybe and what you want to do
00:56:48.720 right here you want to offer them the
00:56:51.520 service that can improve their business
00:56:54.319 now right here you can see they have a
00:56:55.960 live chatbot this is probably an AI tool
00:57:00.240 and you can go and sign up for this uh
00:57:03.240 live chatbots and promote them as
00:57:06.920 affiliate so you can offer chat Bots or
00:57:09.640 you can offer to improve their website
00:57:12.359 with AI tools or you can offer them to
00:57:15.760 sign up for this copy AI uh for their
00:57:19.079 business or maybe they want better
00:57:21.559 images let’s say they want better images
00:57:24.440 for the for their thief on uh on their
00:57:28.960 Instagram account to promote their
00:57:30.799 business so you can offer them this AI
00:57:33.160 tool right here so there is unlimited
00:57:36.960 ways to make money with cold Outreach
00:57:39.640 and Ai and affiliate marketing I’m going
00:57:42.520 to click on this another dentist to show
00:57:44.839 you guys so you can see contact
00:57:47.200 information right here they have email
00:57:49.920 address so you can go and drop them
00:57:52.799 email address uh and ask them if they’re
00:57:56.240 interested in your uh in your offer that
00:57:58.480 you have uh for their business to
00:58:01.000 improve them but what you don’t want to
00:58:03.440 do is you just don’t want to drop an
00:58:06.200 offer and say hello I have this offer
00:58:09.599 that can help you and that is it you
00:58:11.799 want to spend some time and learn about
00:58:13.760 their business maybe learn some of the
00:58:15.839 names and ask them directly if they are
00:58:18.599 interested in your offer and of course
00:58:21.280 when you offer your AI tool for example
00:58:24.280 photo AI to improve images on Facebook
00:58:27.200 for example or uh
00:58:29.680 Instagram you want to go and offer them
00:58:32.520 with your affiliate link and offer them
00:58:35.200 to help them if they’re interested in
00:58:37.640 they can even pay you few thousand dolls
00:58:41.079 just to set everything up so I highly
00:58:44.559 recommend you guys to do this you can go
00:58:46.880 and do this way to promote your uh eii
00:58:50.079 affiliate offers but you can also offer
00:58:52.160 them for example to create better
00:58:54.359 website this is a really bad website you
00:58:57.000 can find uh AI tool that generates
00:59:00.559 websites and you can generate website
00:59:03.240 for this business few clicks and you can
00:59:05.720 sell them for $5,000 for example there
00:59:08.799 are to unlimited ways to make money with
00:59:11.680 AI and uh this called Outreach you just
00:59:15.640 need to find the right business and you
00:59:18.400 want to go and send as many emails as
00:59:20.960 you can per day now don’t make sure to
00:59:24.400 not spam don’t just Spam
00:59:26.799 make sure to create email that are
00:59:29.200 personalized you can use Chad GPT ask
00:59:32.359 Chad GPT to create for example um an
00:59:35.760 offer for dentist and make sure to enter
00:59:38.920 their uh name of the business this is
00:59:41.079 really important you want to for example
00:59:43.400 uh include their uh business name in
00:59:47.240 your email that is going to be very
00:59:49.799 professional so you want to go and
00:59:52.000 contact as many as you can and a dentist
00:59:55.640 is just just an example and maybe it is
00:59:58.280 not the best uh business to Target right
01:00:01.440 now but I’m just showing you guys and
01:00:03.799 give you guys examples how you can go
01:00:06.280 and find easily uh people to call
01:00:09.000 Outreach on Google Maps and start
01:00:12.520 building your email list and contact
01:00:15.400 these people if they’re interested in
01:00:17.200 your offer they maybe buy it if they are
01:00:19.720 not just skip them and that is how you
01:00:22.240 can do called Outreach

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