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From PayPal Intern to Starting 4x Billion-Dollar Companies – Joe Lonsdale Interview

Episode 578: Shaan Puri ( https://twitter.com/ShaanVP ) sits down with Joe Lonsdale ( https://twitter.com/JTLonsdale ) to talk about how he leveraged one internship at PayPal into one billion dollar success after another.

Show Notes:
(0:00) The One Reason strategy
(3:18) Learning Global Macro Finance from Peter Thiel
(5:35) Taking multi-million dollar bets at 4:30am
(8:43) Hire for raw IQ over expertise
(10:33) Nurturing employees into unicorn founders
(12:24) Solving hard problems with Addepar
(13:53) Always “Being on”
(15:32) How to spot opportunities for new businesses
(21:10) How Epirus landed a military defense contract
(27:09) Getting hits in hard domains
(28:24) Business Idea: AI-powered Estate Planning
(29:19) Business Idea: Business Process Outsourcing for local government
(30:58) Big swings vs. base hits
(31:49) Idea vs. execution
(32:38) Focus vs. diversity of thought/attention
(33:33) Insights from Elon’s inner circle
(35:36) Joe Lonsdale’s unfair advantages
(38:48) How to invest your time to make your first $1M
(40:40) Working on an A+ problem as an intern at PayPal
(43:15) Be within 2 standard deviations of top talent
(44:14) Early days at Palantir
(46:56) Building a top engineering culture
(48:31) Borrowing trust as 21-year old defense contractor
(52:22) Peter Thiel’s biggest contrarian bet

• Joe’s Twitter – https://twitter.com/JTLonsdale
• Joe’s blog – https://ift.tt/ZM1DGmi
• Addepar – https://addepar.com/
• Palantir – https://ift.tt/nTBxEXU
• Epirus- https://ift.tt/W6O8ESa
• OpenGov – https://opengov.com/
• Prologis – https://ift.tt/EjUt8Hh
• Lessons from Peter Thiel – https://ift.tt/d8hG41t

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