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How I Reverse Engineered A $100 Million Exit – Jason Lemkin

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Episode 571: Sam Parr (https://twitter.com/theSamParr) talks to Jason Lemkin (https://twitter.com/jasonlk ) talk about the 7 rules of building a $100M business.

Show Notes:
(0:00) Jason Lemkin’s first million
(4:19) Reverse engineering a 9-figure exit
(5:32) Rule 1: New minimum is $400K per employee
(7:58) Rule 2: Go multi-product
(9:40) Rule 3: Your second product must be bigger than your first product
(11:05) Cheat code: Double your prices
(13:48) Rule 4: 30% of your revenue is international
(15:43) Rule 5: Localize your product
(19:05) Cheat code: Remove friction
(22:42) Rule 6: 100% net revenue retention
(29:01) Business models that won’t get you there
(33:38) $100M conferences
(39:35) Rule 7: Don’t raise double digit millions

• Saastr – https://www.saastr.com/
• HLTH – https://www.hlth.com/

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• Ideation Bootcamp – https://ift.tt/DTpEUzt
• Copy That – https://copythat.com
• Hampton Wealth Survey – https://ift.tt/1i3vrlx

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